Arabic: Sharh Kifayah Al-Muta’abbid wa Tuhfah Al-Mutazahhid – by Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr


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  • Sharh Kifayah Al-Muta’abbid wa Tuhfah Al-Mutazahhid – شرح كفاية المتعبد وتحفة المتزهد للحافظ المنذري
  • Author: Shaykh Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr
  • Language: Arabic
  • Binding: Hard Cover

In the realm of Islamic literature, a remarkable work titled “Sharh Kifayah Al-Muta’abbid wa Tuhfah Al-Mutazahhid” stands as an illuminating and profound explanation authored by the esteemed Shaykh Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr – a scholar whose dedication and wisdom have earned him the prayers and blessings of believers – may Allah reward him abundantly for his noble efforts in disseminating knowledge and guiding the Ummah.

The book serves as a commentary and elucidation of the renowned work ‘Kifayat al-Mut’abid wa Tuhfat al-Mutazahid’ authored by the distinguished Hafiz Al-Mundhiri – a scholar of exceptional caliber whose memory and scholarly contributions have left an indelible mark in the annals of Islamic history – may Allah have mercy on him and elevate his ranks in the Hereafter.

At its core, “Sharh Kifayah Al-Muta’abbid wa Tuhfah Al-Mutazahhid” delves into the profound concepts and virtuous teachings contained within the original work penned by Hafiz Al-Mundhiri. Shaykh Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr’s comprehensive and insightful explanation breathes new life into the ancient text, making its timeless wisdom accessible and applicable to contemporary readers.

The book holds immense value, not only for its scholarly exegesis but also for the rich spiritual treasures it imparts to seekers of knowledge and truth. Within its pages lie a treasure trove of ninety-nine hadiths, each authentically traced back to the beloved Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – serving as divine beacons that illuminate the path to righteousness and moral excellence.

As readers immerse themselves in the profound teachings of the Prophet – peace be upon him – they are met with a tapestry of hadiths, each unveiling the virtues of righteous deeds and the bountiful rewards they bring. The guidance offered by these sacred narrations serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for individuals seeking to cultivate a deep connection with their Creator and embark on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

The exegesis meticulously crafted by Shaykh Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr unfolds the profound meanings embedded within each hadith, providing clarity and context to the reader, and fostering a deeper understanding of the divine message. Through his expert scholarship, Shaykh Abdurrazzaq Al-Badr guides readers on a profound exploration of Islamic ethics and virtues, urging them to embody these teachings in their daily lives and interactions with others.

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