Arabic: Al-Jami li ma fi As-Sahihayn | Afraad Muslim


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  • Al-Jami li ma fi As-Sahihayn | Afraad Muslim – الجامع لما في الصحيحين | أفراد مسلم
  • Compiled by: Shaykh Abdul Muhsin bin Muhammad Al-Qassim
  • Language: Arabic
  • Binding: Hard Cover

This book, “Al-Jami li ma fi As-Sahihayn | Afraad Muslim” compiles what is distinct to “Sahih Muslim” from “Sahih al-Bukhari” among the elevated hadiths, without repetition. It is part of the following series:

1. Al-Jami’ li ma fi al-Sahihayn (Agreed Upon) – in three parts.
2. Afraad al-Bukhari – in one part.
3. Afraad Muslim – in two parts.
4. Al-Zawaid Ala al-Sahihayn (Additions to the Two Sahihs).

The book “Afraad Muslim” is distinguished by numerous features, including:
1. Adhering to a precise scientific methodology in distinguishing what is unique to “Sahih Muslim” from “Sahih al-Bukhari.”
2. Organizing the book in a scientific, logical, and smooth order suitable for memorization.
3. Arranging the books of “Afraad Muslim” according to the order of “Al-Jami’ li ma fi al-Sahihayn.”
4. Not engaging in fabrications or additions and omissions in the hadiths.
5. Segmenting the hadiths when necessary.
6. Limiting the mention to raised hadiths without including suspended and broken narrations, given their scarcity, as they are not part of the subject of the book “Sahih Muslim.”
7. Providing a scientific explanation of unfamiliar words, combining between foundation, simplicity, ease, and conciseness.
8. Introducing locations and countries and linking them to well-known landmarks.
9. Converting the Sharia weights, measures, and lengths into contemporary units.
10. Simplifying the book accurately to facilitate understanding.
11. Paying meticulous attention to the precision of the text, linguistically and artistically, with its form in accordance with the printed originals.
12. Carefully handling punctuation marks to clarify meanings.
13. Comparing the hadiths to the printed originals accurately, benefiting from the explanations and alerts of the people of knowledge on the wording of the hadiths and correcting their formulations.

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